Würmer in Schweinelungen Würmer in Schweinelungen

Würmer in Schweinelungen

Впрочем, это совсем другая история. Хейл засмеялся. - Нет, сколько человек прочитало это сообщение, - сказал задумчиво Элвин.

Schlussfolgerung: Die vorgestellten Ex-vivo-Modelle sind zur Simulation der akuten Lungenembolie gut geeignet. Materials and Methods: Standardized artificial emboli made of wax and Würmer in Schweinelungen defined size and shape were positioned into the pulmonary auf Würmer of porcine lungs.

Castings of Würmer in Schweinelungen embolized pulmonary arterial trees were made by injection of a special opaque resin. After performance of spiral CT the data sets of the emboli and the pulmonary arteries were post-processed. Technical specimens simulating CT-morphology of acute embolized vessels underwent spiral CT in six different positions with respect to the z-axis. The CT data were reconstructed using a standardized and a contrastadapted method with interactive correction. Conclusion: The presented models are suitable to simulate CT morphology of acute pulmonary embolism under ex-vivo conditions.

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